For The Love of Math

For The Love of Math
Success in math in elementary is crucial for success not only in junior high and high school, but in life. At Turner Elementary, we put a big emphasis on math skills beginning in kindergarten. Years ago, we started the math incentive program. Students worked on basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We saw enormous success and students worked incredibly hard to improve their math skills.

This year, we are building on that math foundation. Each month we are rolling out new math activities to build a love of math in every students.
The reflex math logo (Green background with an "R")
Reflex Math - Reflex math is an online math program for second graders and up. Homeroom teachers shared login information with students.

Reflex is a great tool to help supplement math fluency. It is a valuable tool especially during Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Thank you to the City of Turner for purchasing the Reflex program for 2021.

This page will be updated each month with more math activities for students to do. There will be prizes for participation and improvement. Good luck and have fun!

A cartoon image of four puzzle pieces
February - Math Puzzles

Math puzzles are a fun way to think critically, develop problem-solving skills, and think about math in a creative way! Let’s exercise our brains and solve the following puzzles.

1) Pick one or more of the puzzles below and solve!
2) Show your work and the answer on your paper.
3) Take a picture of your work and the answer.
4) Email the photo to your teacher by February 26, 2021.
5) Receive a prize in your next packet pick up.

Click here to open our math puzzles folder!

The class with the most participation will also receive a prize.

A cartoon of math tools-pencil, ruler, protractor, calculatorDecember - Math Games

December's math activity is math games. Math games help students learn and develop math skills while also building a love for math.

There is a game designed for each grade level, and we encourage students to play the game designed for their grade and above. Math game boards will be available during packet pickup or for download by clicking the links below.

The December challenge is to play a math game for 20 minutes! Families, please email us photos and/or videos of you and your students playing math games. Photos and videos can be uploaded here.

Kindergarten - Cocoa Coverall
How to play video

First Grade - Lightning Race
How to play video with Mr. Brill, Mrs. Regan, and Mrs. Ussery

Second Grade - Odd and Even Tag
How to play video

Third Grade - Multiples
How to play video

Fourth Grade - Build an Array
How to play video with Mrs. Federico and Mrs. Stinnett

Fifth Grade - Yahtzee
How to play video with Ms. Taitano and Mr. Cakebread